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HPN Spotlight: Elmar Cannon

In the HPN Spotlight series, we will be featuring High Point Networks employees from our Service, Sales and Support teams across our five locations.

Name: Elmar Cannon

Title: Account Manager

Office: Denver, CO

Where did you grow up?
I was born in Wiesbaden, Germany and lived there until age 10. We lived near the Mosel river for a time. I enjoyed the farms, small river towns and castles. We then moved to Victorville, CA. This high desert town was a huge change from the green lush farms and forests of Germany. I moved to Los Angeles, CA at 18 for  work, then Denver, CO 9 years ago to escape the big city.

What did you do before joining the HPN team?
I worked as a truck driver and furniture deliverer during and shortly after high school, then I worked as a desktop and network engineer. I taught Technology and Business to 7th and 8th grade kids in a rough part of North Long Beach, CA. Then, I worked my way up from Network Engineer to Director of IT operations at a medium sized school district (BVSD), where I spent a great deal of time in vendor management, engineer babysitting, exploring new technologies, and devising strategies that align with customer needs.

What do you do in your free time?
I enjoy being a dad, camping, kayaking, wood working, grilling, and welding – I like using my hands after a long day of using my brains. I am constantly thinking of ways to do things better and more efficiently.

What is your favorite part about HPN?
I enjoy working in a culture that makes you want to do your best without threatening or forcing. The leadership and friendships just make you want to pull your weight. I appreciate a team that works hard and plays hard.

What is one thing about yourself that HPN employees and customers probably don’t know?
I have been a minister teaching people scriptural principles for 28 years.  I speak fluent German. I used to have hair (haha!). I was the valedictorian for my Bachelor’s Degree with  a 3.99 GPA. I held a teaching credential in CA. I love to ride dirt bikes and have since I moved to the desert.