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HPN Spotlight: Tylan Hochhalter

In our HPN Spotlight series, we will be featuring High Point Networks employees from our Service, Sales and Support teams across our five locations.

Name: Tylan Hochhalter

Title: Network Technician

Office: Bismarck, ND

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Bismarck, ND, where I graduated from Century High School. I was big into competitive trap shooting when I was in high school.

What did you do before joining the HPN team?
At one point I was a plumber, but it was kind of crappy and I couldn’t stand it. I completely fell into working with security cameras working for Midwest Investigation and Security in Bismarck, ND, and I love what I do now.

What do you do in your free time?
I enjoy hunting and fishing, and I love the outdoors. I went duck hunting in Saskatchewan, which was the coolest hunting trip I’ve ever been on. It’s by far the best waterfowl hunting in our area.

What is your favorite part about HPN?
I absolutely love how HPN is a large family. Everyone seems to just click. We’re all more than happy to help each other, no matter how large or small the task. We all have the same goal in mind – doing what we love and doing it as best we can!

What is your favorite HPN moment since joining the team in June?
I’d have to say watching (HPN Security Engineer) Corey Steele drink a bottle of A1 at the company golf outing.
Editors Note: We have confirmed that this did happen, but we have not confirmed why.

What is one thing about yourself that HPN employees and customers probably don’t know?
I have a pet snake. It’s a Ball Python that is about 3 ½ ft. long.

Why VMware?

This is the fourth installment of a series by Systems Team Lead Matt Peabody to begin to answer a question he hears all the time: “Why vendor X?”

“Why VMware?” is a question I hear from quite a few customers when starting with virtualization or looking at their current virtual infrastructure.  There are many competing hypervisors out there with Microsoft’s Hyper-V being a close second.  We believe VMware is the leader still building on the success of their ESX hypervisor over a decade ago.

1. Stability
The core ESXi product is as solid as embedded appliance operating systems like switches or routers.  VMware is a purpose-built appliance we load VMs onto, rather than an add-on to a current operating system.  Like all software companies, VMware has had some bugs, but their quick turnaround time and openness with these bugs helps a great deal.  They list known issues and fixes right on their site so they are easy to find and correlate with any issues that may be happening.

2. Management
With vCenter at the root for managing a VMware environment, there is a true single pane of glass for the entire infrastructure.  The VSphere Web Client combines management, monitoring, provisioning, compliance remediation, backup, DR, and many more things into a coherent and expansive interface. There are plugins for storage vendors, virtualized networking (NSX) and storage (VSAN).  VMware ESXi has some of the easiest clustering support to get an HA environment up and running in minutes with two clicks.

3. Security
VMware is a very security-minded company.  VMware has offerings in OS compliance with vRealize Operations Management, mobile device management with Airwatch, and even endpoint management with their Horizon Suite of products.  This allows them to manage and control your entire infrastructure from one platform.  Since VMware uses purpose-built, hardened appliances and applications, they have fewer patches and vulnerabilities, and they can keep their update cycle very rapid.

4. Vision
VMware is constantly leading with emerging technologies.  From their purchase of Nircira to form their NSX virtual networking platform to their creation of VSAN, their integrated hyper-converged platform, they are always ahead of the market in their vision for the future.  They quickly integrate new products into the fold of the company and still let those technologies shine and innovate.  VMware seems to be a few years ahead of the other members in their market, and it shows in their leadership.

VMware continues to excel and grow as a company as they expand their influence into areas other than compute virtualization.  They keep a tight integration with their products to stay ahead of competition and innovate in the evolving world of technology.