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RIP 2003

As of July 14, 2015, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 support has come to an end. I’ll begin by saying Server 2003 was the server operating system I started working on when I joined the IT community around 2007.  My first experiences were installing new 2003 servers for my employer and learning how Microsoft behaved in the server operating system space.

We were still installing server 2003 onto hardware, recovering failed installs, and installing into virtual platforms well into the 2008 lifecycle.  Since I then worked for a training facility, there were many classes still based on the 2003.  During this transition, I helped customers and students get used to the new user interface while trying to convince them that PowerShell, the revamped interface, and Server Manager were actually more efficient.

Now, with the last Server 2003 installs nearly gone (I know there are some stragglers out there and we can help with that transition), it is the end of an era for a very solid piece of software.  I know I’ll enjoy the new features Server 2016 brings us in the near future.  I’ll also be glad when I don’t have to show people on my team how to use DCPromo from the install disc or where Microsoft hid the install binaries in the i386 folder.

Matt Peabody, Systems Engineer & Team Lead