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Office Communication Has Modernized, Now The Tools Must Follow

With the transition to a more online-centric work environment that is now occurring in just about all industries today, many common office processes have changed. But, the tools needed to complete such tasks effectively have been slower to catch up.

In the old days, companies used the post office to deliver business communications back and forth between locations. As the speed of the enterprise increased and conversations needed to happen more quickly, the telephone aided organizations in their quest to get things done faster. Now, only a small number of daily communication needs are best handled by just a phone conversation, and many offices have yet to implement the necessary tools to accommodate the shift.

Multiple Channels Needed For Modern Communication
A recent survey conducted by uSamp Research found that employees’ attitudes toward communication are changing and they require the right solutions to support the new way of doing business. The report, which included responses from IT decision-makers from more than 500 companies, found that 97 percent of managers believe daily tasks are impacted by business communications. With so much importance being put on how things are communicated, it is critical that information is conveyed in the way that best suits the individual message.

For instance, most employees do not find in-person meetings productive anymore. A majority of survey participants — 93 percent — said that new communication solutions take priority over in-person meetings. Instead, collaborative tools can bring people together without having to actually be in the same location, increasing productivity and reducing the amount of time wasted in traditional meetings. Nearly 45 percent of managers surveyed reported an interest in adopting internal communication tools to bring people together without having to actually be together.

Voicemails are in a similar situation as traditional meetings. Hardly anyone takes the time to listen to voice messages anymore, instead either calling the person back or ignoring them altogether. This wastes time and could potentially lead to valuable information being overlooked. According to the study, 82 percent of participants prefer text messages to voicemails, as they can be digested more quickly and conveniently. With the ability to receive voice messages in a text format, everyone is satisfied and no time is wasted.

By Chandler Harris, ShoreTel