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Enhance Your Communications with VOICE+

As we continue to transform into an all-digital workforce, we realize how essential technology has become and how much...

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AM1100 WZFG The Flag: Tom McDougall Joins the 'Better Business Roundtable'

The Better Business Roundtable is a monthly live segment that features business experts from our community. These...

5 min read

2020 HPN Award Winners

Each year, High Point Networks recognizes team members for their outstanding performance, superior dedication, and the...

3 min read

How Do Data Centers Work?

How do data centers work - this is a question that is often asked and rarely answered in simple terms. Chances are,...

5 min read

Cyber Security Threats for Small Businesses

Are you aware of the different types of cyber security threats for small businesses? Do you have a plan in place to...

4 min read

Welcome to the HPN Family!

It doesn't seem possible but 2020 is almost over!  We have added a few more awesome individuals to our HPN family over...