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3 min read

Security Case Study: Foundant Technologies

We have all seen the headlines and read horror stories about companies who have been targeted by cyber-criminals....

3 min read

March & April 2020: Meet Our New Team Members

Another couple months gone by means another couple months of new faces here at High Point Networks. Our team is always...

1 min read

Remote Security Checklist

It's no secret that the recent Coronavirus outbreak has affected many (if not all) organizations in some way. The...

1 min read

COVID-19: Social Engineering

Social engineering is the art of manipulating people so they give up confidential information. The types of information...

1 min read

COVID-19: Information Security General Overview

Senior Security Consultant, Dean Sheley, provides insight on how your business can avoid these threats hidden within a...

1 min read

ALERT (COVID-19): A Message From Our Vice President

Dear Valued Customers,

To all our customers, partners and friends, considering these unprecedented times and events...