The Wolves Are Back

In this episode of Two Wolves in a Bar, our very own Sr. Security Consultant, Dean Sheley, and Arctic Wolf's Lead Product Marketer, Matt Duench, discuss the reasons why Security Operations are such a critical component of a successful Security Operations Center (SOC).



Featured Topics

  • 00:00 - Start
  • 00:38 - Introduction
  • 01:46 - Are Operations at the Center of Your Security Operations Center?
  • 03:18 - Why a 'Security Operations First' Mentality?
  • 05:45 - What Makes Arctic Wolf Security Operations Different?
  • 07:30 - What are the 3 Pillars of Arctic Wolf Security Operations?
  • 13:35 - How Does Arctic Wolf Security Operations Extend Your Security Team?
  • 15:34 - Can Arctic Wolf Security Operations Serve Both Big & Small Businesses?
  • 20:04 - Can Arctic Wolf Security Operations Scale Rapidly?
  • 24:02 - Can Arctic Wolf Security Operations Adapt With Rapid Change?
  • 25:38 - Are Your Current Operations Making Full Use of Your Tools?
  • 27:47 - Conclusion
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